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About JetBlue Airways

Founded in February 1999 and starting its operations a year later jetBlue or JetBlue Airways Corporation, which is headquartered in Long Island City, is a U.S.-based low cost air carrier. As per a recent survey, the airline serves over 84 destinations based across 24 U.S. states and also 12 countries based in the Caribbean, Latin America and South America. The air carrier presently has 5 major hubs, namely Logan International Airport, Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport, Orlando International Airport, Luis Munoz Marin International Airport and Long Beach Airport.

JetBlue is not a part of any of the global airline alliances, but it does maintain codeshare marketing agreements with a number of airlines that in turn are part of some or the other global airline alliances. By signing of these agreements the airline as well as you as its passenger is entitled to get certain kinds of benefits, such as non-stop flights, connecting flights, airline-specific deals, and much more.

Advantage JetBlue Airways

First Check-in baggage for free:

Besides the small bag that you get to carry along with you in flight you can also have your first baggage checked in for free! That is simply ideal because you won’t find many carriers that offer such convenient service at all.

No reselling of pre-booked seats:

If you have booked a seat, it’s all yours, even if you come in a bit late. Many flights usually sell off your ticket to someone else if you are not on time, but that is simply against what this amazing airline does. So if you have an urgent meeting to attend you sure would have your seat available for you.

Free DirecTV available on all flights:

With about 36 popular channels accessible for free you sure could expect a pleasant flight watching your favorite show or sport as you fly with jetBlue. With addition of radio services as well, full-on entertainment is assured aboard this popular carrier.

Unlimited snacks and beverages for free:

Those limited free snacks and beverages surely make anyone gulp down their throat whenever it comes to ordering an additional round, for that won’t be for free on any other airline. But with jetBlue you can have them all as much as you wish to.

Stay connected with work or dear ones while in air:

Internet has become a must thing in the fast paced life of today. With jetBlue you can go for this paid service and can connect with anyone you feel like without any hassle at all.


JetBlue Airways Other Benefits

Pre-flight Web Check-In:

With jetBlue airways you can check-in for more than one flight too if both are scheduled within 24 hours over the internet, so as to avoid those lines while at the airport. The two processes however need to be carried out separately.

Baggage Policy

The first baggage of maximum 62 inches of overall dimensions and less than 50 pounds gets to be checked in for free. The next baggage can be taken in by paying a fee of $50, while all the remaining bags would cost additional check-in fee of about $100 each. No baggage of more than 80 inches of sizes will be permitted.